Journalist Children’s Education

Educational assistance for children of journalists is another crucial aspect of the ‘Voice of Media’s panchasutra (five principles). The organization believes that children of journalists should have access to affordable school and college admissions, educational materials, and opportunities for higher and professional education, including the option to study abroad.

To address this issue, ‘Voice of Media’ developed a comprehensive agenda focused on the education of journalists’ children. An education committee was formed to understand the specific needs and problems faced by these children and gather relevant information. Based on this data, the committee assists children in need by facilitating submissions and providing necessary support.

Various sub-committees have been established to cater to the diverse educational requirements of journalists’ children at different age groups. These include the School Education Committee, Higher Education Committee, Health Education Committee, Engineering Education Committee, and Hostel Committee. Renowned individuals like Chetan Katre, Dr. Pramod Dasturkar, and Gajanan More actively contribute to the work of these committees, which has received an overwhelming response.

Over the past four years, the Education Committee has undertaken extensive work. Maharashtra State ‘Voice of Media’ conducted a case study, which has led to the implementation of various activities first in Maharashtra, then across the country, and subsequently in all countries associated with ‘Voice of Media’ globally.

Specifically, in the last four years, 16,000 children of journalists received educational materials, 1,500 school children were enrolled and initiated into the program, 2,500 children received assistance for higher education, 48,000 children were sent abroad for education, and more than 1,400 children were admitted to different hostels.

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