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The ‘Voice of Media’ was born with the primary aim of working for the welfare of journalists and upholding the principles of journalism. Journalists are considered the foremost and most crucial element in society. However, this element has started to be neglected and overlooked. The approach to journalism needs to be reformed to provide content that aligns with the overall significance of this component. The organization was initiated with the goal of firmly standing behind journalists and ensuring the survival of journalism.

The PURPOSE of ‘Voice of Media’ is to reach out to the last journalist in the world and serve as a strong support system for them. The organization aims to unite all journalists worldwide under the banner of ‘Voice of Media’ and propagate the Pancha Sutras (five principles) for journalism & Journalist

The VISION of ‘Voice of Media’ is to enable journalists across the globe to practice journalism while preserving its principles and values fearlessly and consistently. The organization envisions presenting issues truthfully, promoting economic sustainability for journalists, and solving all their problems.

The MISSION of ‘Voice of Media’ is to reach out to all journalists worldwide, understand their problems and the challenges faced by journalism in their respective regions and countries, and work towards solutions that contribute to a better social life through impactful journalism.

The JOURNEY of ‘Voice of Media’ began four years ago, and today, it has expanded its presence to 41 countries worldwide. The organization initiated its work by focusing on five key areas: journalists’ housing, health of journalists and their families, education of journalists’ children, skilling of journalists, and addressing post-retirement challenges faced by journalists.

About VOM

Voice Of Media to Voice of Global

The ‘Voice of Media’ is an Indian journalists’ organization that has rapidly become the largest organisation in the world within four years. It comprises 41 countries, 170,000 journalists, and 4,500 full-time journalists. In a world with a population of 8 billion, there are only 450,000 journalists. There exist around 1,600 associations of journalists, with many of them dating back 4 decades.

The organization’s meteoric rise to prominence as the ‘Voice of Media’ via India and the ‘Voice of Global’ within four years is quite astonishing. It all started when an editor, driven by a desire to promote quality journalism through his writings, encountered a fellow journalist brother whose family was facing significant hardships. Witnessing the plight of many journalists struggling to uphold principles and values, while their families paid the price, the editor decided to dedicate his life to supporting his journalist brethren and sustaining democracy through journalistic integrity.

Fueled by an ambitious dream of enabling journalists to live, practice, and adopt positive journalism, the editor worked tirelessly. He studied journalism worldwide and conducted extensive research for the journalists. This mission-driven editor rallied many like-minded editors, journalists, and the movement that took root in this country over the past four years has become a part of history.

The name of that goal-obsessed editor is Sandeep Kale! Yes, Sandeep Kale. Sandeep Kale along with Chandramohan Puppala, Mandar Phanse, Sanjay Awte, Dharmendra Jore, Rahul Pandey, Divya Bhosale,Shantanu Doifode,Anil Mhaske, Ashwini Satav-Doke, Yogendra Dorkar, Ajitdada Kunkulol, Mangesh Khatik, Vijay Chordia to take ‘Voice of Media’ to new heights. , Digambar Mahale, Chetan Katre, Arun Thombre, Amar Chaunde,Vijay Baviskar, Ramesh Kulkarni, Bhimesh Mutula, Mufti Mohammad Haroon Nadvi took along many people and planned their journey from the scratch. The ‘Voice of Media’ organization focused its efforts on five key areas to support journalists: housing, health, children’s education, learning new technologies, and addressing post-retirement challenges. It initiated programs on Positive Journalism, Innovation in Journalism, Journalism for Peace and Social Reconciliation, Research and Tools in Journalism, and Freedom of Expression in Journalism. This work gained momentum across all states, with health and education cells established in each state.

Over the last two years, the organization helped insure 48,000 journalists, provided educational assistance to the children of 65,000 journalists, aided 8,000 journalists who were deprived of government support, and helped 13,000 journalists with serious illnesses. In states like Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, the organization pressurised the adamant governments to make historic decisions favoring journalists, resulting in over 340 initiatives taken for journalists in every state. Significant initiatives for journalists and journalism were also carried out in many countries.

The organization proposed establishing Journalists Economic Development Corporations in every state to provide an annual fund of Rs. 200 crore to journalists for industry development. These corporations would encourage journalists to pursue business opportunities, with part-time journalists and those earning up to Rs. 40,000 being eligible for this support. An initiative was taken to build 100 houses for journalists at nominal rates in every district, and plans were made to launch a Skills University for new technologies soon.

Due to the efforts of the ‘Voice of Media,’ governments had to make crucial historical decisions, such as increasing the post-retirement salary for journalists from Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 20,000, and granting recognition to TV, radio, and digital media journalists as working journalists.

The ‘Voice of Media’ is your organization, and it has gained participation from journalists across the globe. It has been recognized by the India Book of Records as the country’s largest membership organization for journalists, while the Guinness Book of Records has honored it as the leading organization for journalists in India. Together, you have decided that the organization will not align itself with any particular party, caste, or participate in marches or rallies. Instead, the sole focus will be on working for the welfare of journalists.

Currently, the ‘Voice of Media’ has 170,000 journalist members, and you aim to increase this number to over 300,000 in the next three years. Having conquered India, we are now moving in an international dimension. Within the next two years, our goal is to establish the presence of ‘Voice of Media’ in every country.

We are appealing to journalist friends to join this national and international movement of journalists called ‘Voice of Media,’ which is based on these values. The unified slogan for all journalists now is ‘Voice of Media,’ as they fight for journalism and the rights of journalists.
I have participated, you also participate..!

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