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Recognizing the need for journalists to adapt and evolve with changing times, ‘Voice of Media’ has taken the initiative to address this aspect. Many journalists continue to practice journalism in traditional ways, disregarding the advancements and transformations happening around them. Consequently, their work and progress fail to keep pace with the evolving landscape. To tackle this issue, ‘Voice of Media’ has included skilling as one of the key subjects in its panchasutra (five principles).

Over the past two years, ‘Voice of Media’ has taken the initiative to train 6,500 journalists, offering regular courses and workshops focused on journalism education and computer literacy. A significant number of journalists have registered to participate in these programs. The organization’s goal is to provide training opportunities to as many journalists as possible, not just within the country but across the globe.

The training initiative is being implemented in a structured manner, starting from village-level journalists, followed by those at the taluka, district, state, and eventually encompassing journalists from all the countries worldwide. ‘Voice of Media’ has advocated for the establishment of an online independent university dedicated to skill development for journalists, a demand that has been positively received by state and central governments. Within the next two years, an independent university focused on skilling journalists under the ‘Voice of Media’ banner is expected to be established.

This university will serve as a global platform to train journalists worldwide. ‘Voice of Media’ emphasizes the importance of enriching various subjects through this continuous and ongoing process. Furthermore, the organization has undertaken the role of imparting training through community radio. In the next five years, ‘Voice of Media’ plans to launch five community radios, with the first one scheduled to go on air this year at the organization’s rural headquarters in Barshi, Solapur district.

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