The final topic in the ‘Voice of Media’s’ panchasutra (five principles) addresses the post-retirement challenges faced by journalists and the organization’s role in providing recommendations and support. After retirement, working individuals often encounter more severe problems and require a strong support system to assist them during this phase of their lives. Recognizing this need, ‘Voice of Media’ has taken the initiative to play a vital role as a robust supporter for retiring journalists.

The organization has focused its efforts on addressing various issues that journalists face after retirement, such as retirement gratuity, opportunities for starting new industries or small businesses, and other related concerns. In the state of Maharashtra, retired journalists were receiving a meager remuneration of Rs. 11,000. Considering this amount insufficient, ‘Voice of Media’ demanded that the salary be increased at least twofold. To achieve this, the organization organized numerous protests, dharnas, and hunger strikes. Eventually, the government acknowledged the role of ‘Voice of Media’ and raised the remuneration for retired journalists to Rs. 20,000.

Additionally, ‘Voice of Media’ has taken on the responsibility of caring for retired journalists who have been neglected by their children. The organization has formed a separate team and committee dedicated to identifying such cases and understanding the reasons behind the lack of care provided by their children. This team is actively working to support these retired journalists and ensure they receive the necessary assistance.

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