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The health of journalists and their families is the first priority in the ‘Voice of Media’s’ panchasutra (five principles). In this regard, ‘Voice of Media’ has taken the initiative to formulate a comprehensive health policy for journalists and their families. Every six months, the organization conducts various health checkups for all journalists and their families at the district and taluka levels. Based on these examinations, ‘Voice of Media’ takes responsibility for providing the required medications and facilitating routine health check-ups for its members and their families, free of cost.
Additionally, it is ‘Voice of Media’s’ responsibility to secure insurance coverage for its member journalists. The organization ensures that all members are insured annually. In case of accidents or unforeseen circumstances, ‘Voice of Media’ plays a crucial role in extending greater support to the affected journalists and their families through the insurance benefits.

Over the past four years, ‘Voice of Media’ has conducted health screenings for more than 70,000 journalists and their family members. The organization not only facilitated these screenings but also provided them with necessary medicines and equipment. ‘Voice of Media’ organized various health camps at the district, taluka, and city levels, which received an overwhelming response.
During this period, ‘Voice of Media’ secured insurance policies for 48,000 journalists. The organization took the initiative to renew these policies annually. This insurance coverage proved to be highly beneficial for numerous journalists and their families, providing them with much-needed financial support and security.

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